January 2023 Release Notes for Android 10 Elo Devices

Device Version

  • for I-Series 4 Standard, Backpack 4 Standard, M50, M50C, M60, M60C
  • for I-Series 4 Value, Backpack 4 Value

On January 17th, 2023, Elo will release a new OS update for its Android 10 devices. This update includes feature enhancements and bug fixes that will improve the performance and usability of these devices. This update will be available for download on the EloView cloud portal as a dropdown OTA and will become the default OTA download on EloView and OEMConfig as of January 24th. Please reach out to your Elo support contact for any additional questions or to request access to a direct download of this update.

New features and enhancements:

  • Added Android OS locale selection feature during Out of the Box Experience.
  • Added Recent Application Button as part of Multi-App mode to navigate between recently opened applications.
  • Added the support of Z20 stands as part of Peripheral Configuration of EloView cloud portal.
  • Added support on EloView cloud portal to set Orientation.
  • Added support on EloView to Enable/Disable Camera Shortcut.
  • Added support on EloView cloud portal to Enable/Disable Auto Accept usage for NFC and Camera.
  • Added support on EloView cloud portal to Enable/Disable Barcode Scanner of Elo Handheld devices.
  • Added the support on EloView cloud portal to Enable/Disable Microphone.
  • TeamViewer icon is set to be hidden when using Remote Control feature in Multi-App mode.
  • Resolved an issue where MQTT data transfer over LAN failed when WIFI was prioritized over LAN.
  • Resolved an issue where using Bluetooth within customer applications caused application crashes.
  • Resolved an issue where entering the URL of some GMS applications in text fields triggered an option to launch the application.
  • Resolved an issue where default application restarted when switched between default content and Elo Home application.
  • Resolved an issue where in some cases USB devices were not appearing under EloView Peripheral Configuration tab.
  • Improved the input method editor support for multi-display.
  • Resolved an issue where volume of audio devices connected via USB and USB-C goes to 20% after reboot from EloView.
  • Improved Out of the Box Experience (OOBE) to play content at the end of OOBE instead of the Elo screen saver.
  • Resolved an issue where enabling of Stock App feature of EloView needed enabling of Navigation bar.
  • Resolved an issue where Backpack devices couldn’t boot up in recovery mode.
  • Resolved an issue where in some instance customer applications were relaunched repeatedly.
  • Resolved an issue where Ethernet and CFD touch functionality of Z20 stands were lost.
  • Added API support for the following:
    • To allow Bluetooth privileged permissions.
    • To obtain the Online/Offline status of the device in Connect mode.
    • To enable the support of Pin option in Screen Lock.
    • To enable/disable adb over network.
    • To set Orientation, NTP URL and NTP poll interval silently.
    • To show a notification to reboot the device, to re-pin a temporarily unpinned application.
    • To launch a pinned application immediately after reboot without showing lock screen.
    • To auto unlock the device when an application is temporarily unpinned.
    • To remove the lock screen password when an application is permanently unpinned.
    • To retrieve the name of the pinned application.
    • To auto unlock when an application is unpinned through API and not by pressing HOME button.

As always, your devices will never prompt for an update or auto-update. Once the update is available, devices can be updated from the EloView Portal or at the device-level from the EloView Control Panel.