NEW FEATURES! EloView® is about to become more flexible as an IoT platform for unattended devices

Device Version

  • 1.10.x for Cloud portal
  • 1.10.xx for I-Series Android

Based on customer feedback, the EloView development team has been hard at work designing new enhancements. We will soon be releasing v1.10, our first major feature update since EloView was launched.

Below is a description of key enhancements.

  • Attract Loop - Set a video or a collection of images to play when a device is idle. Once the display is touched, the device returns to the main app deployed to the device.
  • Enable Navigation bar - By enabling the navigation bar, employees gain access to all apps on the device, making EloView suitable for employee-facing devices.
  • Developer Zone - We now have limited cloud APIs, and a central place for our partners to gain access to cloud and device level APIs.
  • Custom Settings for Web-apps - Two browser engines and user data clearing will be available.
  • Alerts - Three levels have been added to enhance visibility of products under management in EloView.
  • New Playback content - Two new types of content can be added for playback.
  • Significant speed and reliability improvements.

Attract Loop
You can now associate a video, application, or a website with your content to play as an “attract loop after a certain amount of time (user selected) has elapsed.

  • A call to action video when the device is not in use.
  • A “screensaver” to hide an employee-facing application.
  • A tool to change screen content if the main application has a static display image that does not change for a long periods of time.

The content you want to use as attract loop must be first uploaded to your content library. Once you attach an attract loop to an app, it will reside in the “Linked Apps” section of the library, leaving your original app untouched.

Navigation Bar Enables Access to Multiple Apps
You can now enable a Navigation Bar at the bottom of the screen. It has a “Home” and a “Back” button. Pressing “Home” brings up all applications on your device – pre-installed and user-installed. Upon restart, the device will bring back the application scheduled via EloView – however access to other applications will also be available. This feature enables employee facing devices to allow access to multiple applications while in EloView managed mode.

Developer Zone
A key factor in the success of the EloView platform is our content and MDM partners, who can leverage our APIs to develop for the platform. New in this release, we have added a basic framework for cloud APIs.

Browser Settings Upgrade
A very popular feature on EloView is the “Kiosk Browser” used to deploy websites. We have made some major upgrades to this capability in addition to the attract loop functionality described earlier.

  • You can specify a “timeout period” which will enable the device to return to the home page after the specified period of inactivity (user selected).
  • You can select from one of two implementations of browser engines: Native Android or CrossWalk. Websites often perform differently on these two engines and customers can now choose the engine that best suits their website performance.
  • You can select to clear user data and cookies upon return to the homepage or at a specified timeout.
  • You can show or hide a Navigation Bar and/or a Loading Progress Bar.

EloView now sends alerts based on the severity of the issue.

  • P1 Severity - (instant emails) for change of status of apps installed on a device locally.
  • P2 and P3 severity - (daily summary emails).

You can enable or disable notification email for each account user.

New Types of Content
You can now upload and deploy movies as well as a series of images on your device. Please note: this type of content is not interactive.

Key Considerations / Impact

  • We have made changes to the web-app Navigation bar. The bar now looks more “neutral” in appearance with a black background. This was made due to requests from a majority of customers and will become effective as soon as your device is upgraded via OTA.
  • At this time, 1.10.x features are available only on the I-Series (Android) devices. Computer modules for large format touchscreens and PayPoint will receive this upgrade in April.
  • To use the new features, your devices must be updated to the latest version.

EloView Product Team