EloView® Release notes

Device Version

  • 1.10.79 for Cloud portal
  • 1.10.50 for I-Series Android
  • 1.0.88 for PayPoint

The EloView Development Team has been hard at work to fix known bugs within the Cloud Portal. These Cloud Portal enhancements will be automatically available to all customers. Please note that these bugs were experienced by only a handful of customers, this means that your experience of the Cloud Portal should not change significantly.

Below is a description of the Cloud Portal enhancements.

  • EVR-393 - Upon device reboot, information about the currently playing Application is now displaying correctly.
  • EVR-429 - All content now displays consistently, regardless of the date when the content was added to the Cloud Portal.
  • EVR-442 - Information about the currently playing Application is now displayed.
  • EVR-443 - The pause icon is now functional during drag and drop Application installations.
  • EVR-444 - Application Name and screenshot now consistently appears within the Device Details tab.
  • EVR-445 - New Account Web Option settings are now consistently displayed.
  • EVR-446 - Time Zone information is now correctly displayed within the Cloud Portal.
  • EVR-448 - The Application Installation Progress Bar is now displaying correctly within the Cloud Portal.
  • EVR-449 - The “Forgot Password” link is now displaying information correctly.

EloView Product Team