October 13, 2016


Patents Awarded for Zero-Bezel Touchscreens

DALLAS — October 13, 2016 — Elo, a leading global supplier of touchscreen solutions, today announced the two additional patent awards for its IntelliTouch® Zero-Bezel Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) touchscreens. Complementing the existing US patent, the patents awarded by the European Patent Office (#EP2550585) and the Taiwan Intellectual Property Office (#I550476), and being awarded by the Chinese Patent Office (CN103097998), further protect Elo’s sophisticated touchscreens that feature the edge-to-edge surface acoustic wave technology used in many touch products today.

“These latest patents, added to the several hundred in our portfolio covering touch technology and products, demonstrate our significant investment in research and development,” said Craig Witsoe, Elo’s CEO. “We have been leading the innovation of touch solutions since 1971, and these awards confirm our steadfast commitment to enhancing the touch experience for our commercial clients and their customers who rely on Elo touchscreens every day.”

Traditionally, touchscreens implemented using SAW technology have been associated with single-touch, transactional applications. While legacy SAW technology lends itself to crystal clear graphics, simple integration and lower cost, the technology needs to be integrated within a framed apparatus, such as a kiosk or gaming cabinet, due to the visible traces along the edge of the glass.

Elo’s zero-bezel SAW design enables customers to give their product that true edge-to-edge glass, eliminating the need for a frame. The smooth design creates a clean, modern look for any touch solution. The zero-bezel edge is an integral part of the screen solution and can be customized during the design phase with logos, clear icons, border buttons, curved form factors and other enhancements.

When bundled with Elo’s latest eSAW™ technology, this revolutionary product combines an extremely sensitive dual-touch screen with the beauty of clear glass for bright, vivid graphics. Elo’s IntelliTouch zero-bezel screens meet the growing demand for a high-performance touchscreen at a lower price point than projected capacitive (PCAP) screens. IntelliTouch is a great alternative for resistive users who are not yet ready to make the move to the more expensive PCAP technology.

Elo’s touchscreens have been integrated into over 20 million products used in more than 80 countries. Their use spans multiple commercial industries, including industrial, medical, gaming, hospitality, marine and point-of-sale.

“The demand for cost-effective, high-performance touchscreens is growing exponentially in the commercial space”, said Witsoe. “Our clients want to offer end users a touch experience similar to what they are used to on their tablets or phones. With our zero-bezel IntelliTouch screens combined with our high-performance 3200 series controller, the eSAW solution offers the best of both worlds—clear glass for the best optics and a highly sensitive activation force, which enhances the ability to use gestures such as pinch, zoom and swipe.”

Elo also was recently awarded patents for its PCAP technology and point-of-sale devices.

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