November 15, 2023

Elo's Hardware Solutions Transform Ticketing for Tickster

Elo's Hardware Solutions Transform Ticketing for Tickster

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Precision, efficiency, and reliability are paramount in the bustling world of event management. For Tickster, Sweden's largest ticketing and Point of Sale (POS) event supplier, these qualities are not merely desirable but the lifeblood of their business. Tickster specializes in providing ticketing and POS services for large arenas and festivals, where the stakes are high and the need for seamless operations is non-negotiable. To meet these demanding requirements, Tickster turned to Elo for a comprehensive solution to their arena needs.

Meeting Diverse Hardware Needs

As Johan Skogsber, the Sales Director at Tickster points out, their company focuses on gathering all sales processes within a single system, including pre-sale and in-event transactions. As their operations grew, so did their need for diverse hardware solutions. Elo emerged as the perfect match, offering a wide array of hardware, from handheld devices like the Elo M50 for ticket scanning at entrances to fixed POS solutions like the EloPOS™. Additionally, Elo provided Tickster with self-service solutions, exemplified by the Elo Wallaby™ Pro.

The Power of Self-Service in Event Arenas

Event arenas, especially during high-demand periods like intermissions in hockey games, require rapid, efficient sales processes. During these brief windows, the speed of the transaction is critical; this is where Elo's self-service solutions, such as the Elo Wallaby Pro, have proven to be game-changers.

Tickster leadership highlights the unique demands of event arenas, noting that a massive influx of customers often need to make purchases quickly. In these situations, the scalability and profitability of self-service solutions shine. With its intuitive interface and responsive touch screen, the Elo Wallaby Pro enables customers to make purchases swiftly and independently, reducing the burden on human cashiers.

The Reliability of Elo Hardware

In the event industry, hardware reliability is non-negotiable. The unpredictability of the event environment demands robust, sturdy, and dependable hardware. Tickster found that Elo's hardware perfectly met these criteria. Elo's devices not only withstood the rigors of the event space but also provided a consistent and responsive user experience.

Tickster leadership emphasizes that Elo met their need for sturdier and more reliable units and elevated the overall user experience. In an industry where a few seconds of delay can lead to long queues and frustrated customers, the responsiveness of Elo's touchscreens proved invaluable.


The collaboration between Tickster, Sweden's largest ticketing and POS supplier for events, and Elo, a leading hardware solutions provider, exemplifies the power of innovative technology in enhancing the event experience. Elo's hardware solutions didn't just fulfill Tickster's immediate needs; they also played a crucial role in enhancing Tickster's products and services. By integrating Elo's hardware into their system, Tickster created a more seamless and efficient user experience for their clients.

For example, the Elo M50 mobile computer allowed Tickster to streamline ticket scanning at entrances, reducing wait times and improving customer satisfaction. The EloPOS ensured smooth and efficient in-event transactions, contributing to Tickster's reputation for reliability and professionalism. Furthermore, the Elo Wallaby Pro added a layer of convenience and speed to their operations during intermissions, helping them serve many customers in a limited time frame.

As the event space continues to evolve, Tickster's partnership with Elo positions them well to meet future challenges while providing event-goers with a smoother and more enjoyable experience. This case study underscores the importance of selecting the right hardware solutions in the pursuit of excellence in the event industry.