January 23, 2020

Embrace the digital office with interactive touchscreen solutions

Embrace the digital office with interactive touchscreen solutions

Digital technologies continue to transform the way we work. They have changed employee and client expectations too. This requires creating a more multifunctional office landscape that combines multiple tech solutions with flexible service options that guarantee a unified experience no matter the touchpoint.

Interactive Touchscreen Solutions

Create a seamless corporate journey with interactive touchscreen solutions. One that starts when visitors check in via a virtual receptionist, continues with interactive wayfinding to their meeting point, and concludes with stress-free collaboration inside a meeting room. Elo is there at all touchpoints, communicating your brand’s messages, streamlining efficiencies, simplifying work and saving time for everyone from the IT team to employees and guests.

Welcome visitors with a virtual receptionist
With an easy to use interactive touchscreen kiosk you’ll be able to welcome visitors, empower them to check in quickly and alert the right employees to greet them. A virtual receptionist is an effective solution to provide a consistent interactive experience that’s also an extension of your corporate identity. It will in addition free up administrative time for hospitality staff that they can then spend on making your client feel special.

The touchscreen display in the kiosk can easily be enhanced with Elo Edge connect accessories to include other functionalities. Think about a webcam to let employees directly talk to visitors, a barcode scanner for ID badge scanning, a magnetic stripe reader for badge swiping or an NFC reader to clock in and out.

Enhance corporate communications with lobby signage and wayfinding You can easily complement the virtual assistant with touchscreens to provide visitors with information and entertainment from the moment they enter the lobby until they walk into a meeting room. Underpin your corporate communications strategy by sharing videos, announcements and news items on commercial grade touchscreens ranging from 7 to 65 inches. Depending on the setting and needs you can choose between floor stand, countertop, wall-mount or a fully integrated kiosk.

Lobby Signage and Wayfinding

Let your guests control their visit by placing an interactive platform to easily navigate the building directories, maps, services, and events from one all-encompassing resource. It will allow you to create a smooth experience for your visitors while strengthening your brand at the same time.

Simplify meeting room management and desk sharing
Make scheduling meetings easy for your employees by installing wall-mounted interactive signage outside your meeting rooms to check availability and manage reservations. Elo’s touchscreens come with either Android or Windows to accommodate the platform that suits the organization best. Choosing Android, a hassle-free and widely used operating system, ensures an inexpensive rollout, an adaptable OS in the long-term and a familiar interface. Continue to use your existing calendaring system or app thanks to the Elo all-in-one touchscreen platform. Your staff can streamline planning and communication inside the office, from scheduling meeting rooms on the go to checking in for a meeting. Next to a more efficient allocation of resources, this way of working will also shorten the time it takes organizing and starting meetings. With one touch you can turn the status light of your touchscreen from green to red and let coworkers know about room availability at a glance. No more interrupted meetings.

Enhance collaboration with whiteboarding and videoconferencing
With Elo’s large format displays you can equip your employees with technology that enables collaboration and boosts efficiency. Install interactive touchscreens up to 65 inch in meeting rooms, innovation hubs or huddle rooms for touch-enabled whiteboarding and videoconferencing. Without any effort, employees will be able to present all types of content from slides, to videos, apps and websites no matter their location. You will delight your employees and create an engaging learning experience with immersive rooms with high-resolution 4K video content and high-definition audio.

Forget about messy cables and confusing plug-ins. All you need is an internet connection. Pair Elo’s award winning 4K hardware, the 53-Series touch displays, with software that enables wireless BYOD meeting collaboration by immediately connecting to the touchscreen. Both physical and virtual meeting participants have full control over the touchscreen. Everything is shared in real time. With one tap the touchscreen can be turned into a digital whiteboard to sketch ideas that can be captured and sent immediately to the attendees.

With Elo’s configurable touchscreen solutions built on a powerful unified architecture your office becomes more than just a place to work. It will be an inviting and flexible collaboration nerve center that fosters creativity, supports community and sparks creativity.

About Elo
As a leading global supplier of interactive solutions, #EloIsEverywhere. To date, we have deployed more than 25 million installations in over 80 countries. A new Elo touchscreen is installed every 21 seconds somewhere in the world.

With Elo, you get simple, durable and low-maintenance hardware and a platform that works with any software, giving you complete freedom, especially when choosing among the many software programs and apps for conference room scheduling and video conferencing. It ensures flexibility for your organization while it grows. Elo offers you a single source collaboration solution that enables you to help employees connect and innovate in new ways to be their best selves and to serve your clients better.

Built on a unified architecture, Elo’s broad portfolio creates a unique experience from all-in-one systems, open-frame monitors to touchscreen monitors ranging from 7 to 65 inches. With our unique Elo Edge Connect peripherals that allow use-specific solutions, configuration becomes easy. And EloView®, a secure cloud-based platform for Android-powered devices, not only connects all touchpoints, it also leverages current investments in mobile and web assets. Learn more at EloTouch.eu.