January 30, 2024

Increase Sports Betting with Touchscreen Kiosks

Increase Sports Betting with Touchscreen Kiosks

Image of touchscreen kiosk used for sports betting

The sports betting market is experiencing explosive growth. The market grew to $75 billion by 2022, a 75% increase over 2021. That incredible growth occurred even though sports betting is legal in only 38 states and the District of Columbia, and those regulations allow a mix of in-person and online betting. Sports betting is increasing for several reasons. For people passionate about sports, it provides an entertaining way to make sports more interactive. Fans can go beyond wins and losses and use sports betting kiosks to wager on various aspects of the competition.

However, entrepreneurs also drive this activity, creating attractive venues where people can enjoy gaming, dining, and socializing. Some of the most popular betting shops and lounges can resemble the merger of a high-end sports bar and the floor of the New York Stock Exchange. Customers can sit in a plush leather barstool and order food and drinks while using sports betting kiosks. Screens of all sizes are integral to creating an immersive experience, showing games in all directions and betting lines of interest. Some shops may also feature other types of games, like video slots or games of skill if state and local laws permit.

How Touchscreens Can Improve Experiences

The most successful betting shops prioritize customer experiences, focusing on placing bets – and other activities throughout the shop – as efficiently as possible. Touchscreen kiosks provide the optimal interface. People are comfortable with touchscreens, particularly those with projected capacitive touch technology that offers a similar user experience to smartphones and tablets. Customers swipe, tap, and pinch intuitively to manipulate the screens. Additionally, touchscreens can give users tactile cues if they haven’t completed a task. This feature can make using a screen in a noisy shop easier than listening for audio cues.

Furthermore, using a touchscreen is fast and efficient. A Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratories study found that touchscreens can reduce response time for users by 20% compared to legacy input methods. Sports betting kiosks, gaming monitors, and interactive signage equipped with touchscreen technology will increase speed and ease of use. It may be the difference between a place sports enthusiasts visit to place a single bet and one that earns their loyalty.

Choose the Right Touchscreen

When designing a betting shop layout, entrepreneurs need to make the best use of every available space. The most appealing touchscreen displays for gaming lack a bulky front bezel, giving shop operators flexibility and allowing for seamless integration into cabinets, tables, or walls.

Choosing the right-sized screen for the purpose is also essential. Large format screens will catch the eye when the customer enters the shop and are excellent choices for broadcasting games or communicating current wagering opportunities. Smaller screens create a private interface for individual use. Shop owners can also experiment with orientation. For example, installing a screen vertically may enable displaying more information while saving floor space.

In addition, when touchscreens are part of systems that customers will use, the best return on investment will come from durable designs. Screens should be crack and break-resistant and deliver optimal performance even after heavy usage. They should also withstand cleaning without degrading their appearance or performance.

Betting shop owners should research the screen vendor’s track record and testing documentation to choose touchscreens proven to be most reliable and backed by quality service.

Managing Screens, Digital Signage, and Sports Betting Kiosks

Whether a betting shop is launching with all new systems or undergoing digital transformation to take advantage of new integrations and features, managing screens and other IT hardware is an important consideration. With various devices, it’s essential to plan an effective way to monitor their status, ensure their security, and keep them updated for maximum performance.

The best strategy is to standardize devices on one operating system, which will save countless maintenance and service hours over the life of a betting shop. Android devices are easily managed centrally and offer the most flexibility. Solutions like EloView allow managers to provision or update software remotely, manage and deliver content to screens and signage, and control permissions of user accounts. It also includes security controls, allowing managers to lock browsers so users can only use systems for their intended purposes.

Touchscreens You Can Bet On

Competing in a highly visual industry, sports betting shops shouldn’t gamble with the quality of the screens, interactive digital signage, touchscreens, and sports betting kiosks they use. The safe bet is to choose hardware that will enhance user experiences, help create an exciting, dynamic atmosphere, and provide optimal, long-term performance.

The Elo team is ready to help you find the proper hardware for every application in sports betting shops. Contact us today.