March 26, 2024

Increasing Warehouse Efficiency with Collaborative Technology for Profit

Increasing Warehouse Efficiency with Collaborative Technology for Profit

Efficient warehouse operations are vital for companies to meet customer demands, increase operational efficiencies for improved profit, and maintain productivity during employee shortages. Elo operates a 20,000 sq ft warehouse with 3,500 pallet locations, requiring a robust solution supporting cycle counts, inbound deliveries, and pick, pack, and ship. The goal was to reduce back-and-forth movements, increase productivity, and enable employees to have their workstation at the location of where the work needs to be done, while increasing accuracy.

This case study explores the successful partnership among Elo, a leading touchscreen solutions provider, Newcastle Systems, a pioneer in mobile battery-powered workstations, and BCC Distribution, the proprietary warehouse software developer, to deliver unique solutions. By combining Elo's innovative touchscreen technology with Newcastle Systems' versatile mobile battery-powered workstations and BCC's TranASAP software, warehouses can save time and energy, leading to increased throughput and enhanced bottom-line results. This case study demonstrates how the partnership optimized warehouse operations, enabling employees to move their carts while performing other tasks, resulting in substantial time savings and improved productivity.

Elo partnered with Newcastle Systems and BCC Distribution to develop a cutting-edge solution that optimizes warehouse workflows and boosts productivity. The Newcastle Systems battery-powered mobile workstations enabled Elo to place an Elo Touchscreen Monitor with an Elo Backpack, printer, and an M50 Mobile Computer powered by BCC Distribution's TranASAP software on the cart, empowering employees to have everything they need wherever they are in the warehouse.

Elo deployed the solution at their Knoxville Operation Center and measured the results. See the key findings here:

Time Savings: One of the most significant advantages of this solution is the elimination of back-and-forth movements between printers and docks. With all the necessary equipment available at the point of work, employees can complete tasks more efficiently, saving nearly seven weeks per year per employee. This means saving a whole year or an entire FTE for every eight employees.

Real-Time Data Access: The integration of touchscreens into employee carts enables real-time data access, enabling employees to stay updated on inventory levels, order statuses, and other critical information. This real-time access to data facilitates employees’ making informed decisions swiftly and accurately.

Increased Accuracy: BCC Distribution's TranASAP software integrates directly into the Elo ERP warehouse environment, minimizing errors with scans directly into the system. There are no more handwritten tick marks requiring the employee to run back to the computer station with the incorrect number. Accuracy is up.

Reduced Equipment Downtime: The extended battery life of the mobile battery-powered workstations ensure they last for an entire shift without frequent replacement or recharging. The battery life significantly reduces equipment downtime, allowing employees to focus on tasks without interruption.

Modular Design & Flexibility: The touchscreen-enabled mobile carts are highly versatile and adaptable to various warehouse setups, processes, and platforms. This flexibility allows for seamless integration into existing workflows, minimizing the need for extensive changes or training.

Ergonomic Design: The workstations are designed to ensure employee comfort and safety. The adjustable height feature and ease of movement reduce physical strain and the risk of workplace injuries, enhancing employee satisfaction and well-being. The cart is also customizable for right-handed vs. left-handed employees, single monitor or dual, according to the employee and warehouse needs.

The partnership among Elo, Newcastle Systems, and BCC Distribution has delivered a unique and powerful solution that drastically improves warehouse operations. The touchscreen-enabled, mobile-powered workstations enable employees to move freely while performing their tasks, leading to substantial time and energy savings. The extended battery life and ergonomic design increase productivity and employee satisfaction. By enabling real-time data access, direct scanning with TranASAP software, and reducing equipment downtime, this innovative solution is a solid powerhouse for warehouse operations.

Overall, the Elo-Newcastle Systems-BCC Distribution partnership offers a game-changing solution for warehouses looking to optimize efficiency, reduce costs, improve accuracy, and enhance their bottom line directly.