November 28, 2018

The Fitting Room Leading The Way Of Future Retail


The Fitting Room in the shopping mall Nordstan in Gothenburg, Sweden exceeded expectations by combining the best of physical and digital retail. Project highlights include Increased online sales by 43% and returns reduced by 89%.

The Fitting Room was designed to act as a physical platform enabling the customer to try the full range of clothes from Wacay and shoes from Sneaky Steve in a retail space of only 63 square meters. Orders were placed by the customers on interactive touchscreens elevating the staff to dedicate all their talents on assisting customers. The order was delivered straight to the customer from the respective brand's warehouse.

We are very impressed with the result of The Fitting Room which increased our total e–commerce sales by 43%. Since we were responsible for the supply and stock ourselves, we have a larger share sold at full cost, creating room for higher margin for all parties. Says Måns Månsson, CEO and founder Sneaky Steve.

When we enter a new market, we want to lead with the experience of Wacay and our view of clothes and clothing retail. The Fitting Room has given us new insights and tools for our upcoming establishment within the UK market. Says Jonas Eriksson, CEO and founder Wacay.

The Fitting Room

The sales per square meter for The Fitting Room, which was open from October 11 to November 11, were almost twice as high as the average in the Nordstan shopping center. In line with expectations, the percentage returned was less than one percent, thanks to the fact that customers were able to try the products before ordering. The feedback from shoppers was consistently positive.

Compared to more traditional store concepts where I worked, in The Fitting Room I could handle the several customers simultaneously without leaving anyone behind, as I had all test products, inventory information and product information available in the store. At first, I thought the concept would appeal specifically to the younger consumer, but I now understand the concept appeals to a broad set of consumers. Says Bernth Carning, store associate at The Fitting Room.

All products in The Fitting Room were tagged to enable the customer to easily take part of the story of the product and the brand. This information could include everything from the designer's thoughts, sustainability information to specific features that add value to the product. In the dressing rooms, the customer could select a virtual environment where music, light and image contributed to creating the right feeling and atmosphere.

The result of The Fitting Room is proof that the combination of physical and digital shopping is both more profitable and more ecological. We look forward to sharing all the insights and lessons learned to create security and stability in the extensively changing environment that our customers are in. Noted Deniz Chaban and Johan Lind, CEO and founder, Touchtech and Vertiseit.

The Fitting Room

The Fitting Room project was created and managed by the retail tech companies Touchtech and Vertiseit, specialized in digital transformation of physical retail. The purpose of the project was to drive developments in the industry and get consumer reactions and feedback on the concept.

About Touchtech
Touchtech is an innovative Swedish company that provides retail solutions for the digitalization of the in–store shopping experience and increase of sales. The company's products are within the Endless–Aisle. The concept aims to present and offer a brand's full range in–store via a touch screen.

About Vertiseit
Vertiseit is a full service agency and strategic partner supporting the future of our clients' in–store customer experience. The company creates brand and business value for customers by linking the physical and digital experience. Vertiseit takes our customer's journey as a starting point and specialize on the physical customer experience.

About Sneaky Steve
When you buy a pair of Sneaky Steve's, you buy into our idea that great footwear comes from the hearts, souls and dirty hands of people with passion. Like us, you believe that no computer software or automated production line can replace the human body, brain and spirit. And because of that, you walk tall in your Sneaky Steve's, knowing that you're wearing something truly authentic and well–crafted in a world of mass–produced disposables.

About Wacay
Weekend Adventure Company a.k.a WACAY is an internationally registered Trademark. We claim to be a new, sound and sustainable company in the business of making clothes and interior textiles. Our promise is that every original WACAY product is carefully designed and produced to last as long as possible, both quality and style wise. Every component of our products are carefully chosen to keep this promise.

The following partners were part of The Fitting Room project: Elo (touchscreens), Samsung (digital signage screens), JetShop (e–commerce platform for Sneaky Steve), Wetail (e–commerce supplier of WooCommerce), Expohouse (store design and construction), Payer (payment solution), KSE (lighting dressing rooms); Modcam (visitor tracking), Nije (beverages), Vasakronan (real estate).