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  • Visitor Management — ALICE Receptionist helps organization automate and secure their building lobby environments to handle all aspect of visitor management.
  • Visitor Registration — With ALICE Receptionist, visitors to your building can pre-register or self-register using the Elo touch screen device. Employees are notified by SMS text message or email once the visitor completes the check-in process. ALICE also prints visitor badges for visitors to place on their shirts.
  • Video communications — ALICE allows employees to see and speak with visitor who are in their lobby, from the convenience of their desk. Visitors can have a face to face video conversation on the Elo screen with employees who are located behind secured doors or at remote locations.
  • Digital Signage information — Companies can present all kinds of information for visitors using ALICE Receptionist on Elo touchscreens. This include corporate or safety videos, maps, calendars, images, websites and much more.

ALICE Receptionist

ALICE Receptionist is the most advanced visitor management technology available today. ALICE can automate and help secure building lobbies for companies using Elo touchscreen technology. ALICE performs all the functions a normal front desk receptionist would perform including:

Greeting Visitors &mdash ALICE greets visitors as they arrive (using motion detection) and plays a brief welcome and instruction video message.

Register Visitors &mdash Visitors can register and check-in using the ALICE Receptionist touch screen. Visitor badges are printed so visitors can place the badge on their shirt and be identified while they are in the building.

Notify Employees &mdash Once a visitor has checked in, employees receive SMS text messages or email notifications that a visitor has arrived, so they can go greet them.

Connect &mdash Using the Company or Employee Directory on the ALICE Screen, visitors can touch on an employee card to be connected with an employee. ALICE Connects the visitor at the ALICE screen with the employee at their desk in 2-way or 1-way video calls or just by an audio call, based on the employee's preference.

Inform &mdash Using Elo's touchscreen hardware, ALICE Receptionist can provide visitors with all sorts of interactive information to inform and guild visitors to a building. This can include maps to help visitors find their way, safety or corporate videos, calendars for building events, images, websites and much more.

Secure &mdash By allowing companies to remove front desk workers from an unsecured lobby environment, ALICE Receptionist can help companies move employees to more secure areas of the building while still greeting and interacting with visitors who enter the building. The 2-way video communications features enable employees to visually see who is in the lobby before they go out to greet them.

Applicable Products:
  • 32" - 70" Interactive Digital Signage