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  • Meeting Management — Employee- and organization-focused Meeting Room Management tools that help staff book and manage meetings smarter so organizations can better optimize available meeting space.
  • Visitor Management — Visitor-focused check-in and management tools and services for the front desk to track visitor traffic, keep ahead of the day's expected guests, and enable automatic handling of guests upon arrival.
  • Indoor WayFinding — Interactive wayfinding solutions with indoor maps and tools for kiosks and smartphones that help users find their way to the right room or event they are attending.
  • Insights & Analytics — Data-driven insights and analytics to measure your building's meeting room and workplace performance, and improve utilization of meeting rooms, hotdesks, and the overall workspace.


AskCody is The Modern Workplace Platform for meeting management, visitor management and digital wayfinding that eliminates friction, improves productivity, and optimizes workplace utilization.

Applicable Products:
  • 10" - 27" I-series touchscreen computers
  • 32" - 70" Interactive Digital Signage