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  • Sergii Khomenko
  • +44 800 520 0057
  • Spaces, Building 1, Chalfont Park
  • Gerrards Cross
  • SL9 0BG, United Kingdom
  • Autocanteen uses a high-precision 3D camera to capture the image and shapes at once, our high-end AI identifies the content using the previously learned samples. Usually, it needs just a few samples to understand the context and distinct the item. All the samples are stored in our cloud and are fully managed by our clients.


Autocanteen is an artificial intelligence self-checkout solution which increases checkout efficiency. Disruptive innovation, no barcodes – the system can identify anything from fruits to meal plates with visual discovery.

Deep-learning algorithms matched with 3D image scanners allow us to capture, detect and recognize objects at lightning-fast speed and laser precision. Checkout experience powered by computer vision will:

  • Optimize operations: Up to 60% staff time saved on unnecessary routine checkout job.
  • Eliminate queues: 10 seconds per transaction on average, split of a second to recognize items.
  • Social distancing: Reduce unnecessary staff interaction in the current situation.
  • Applicable Products:
    • 15-inch (16:9) EloPOS™ System
    • 15-inch I-Series for Windows (2.0)