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  • Specialized in creating experiences for brands, users and events using audiovisual technology and creative content.

First Impression Audiovisueel

First Impression is specialized in creating custom solutions using modern audiovisual technology and creative content. We create mind blowing, skin tingling and eye opening experiences for brands, users and events. First Impression delivers a superlative sense of technology that starts before the beginning and will not stop at the end. We are thrilled about technology, stoked about innovations and suckers for sensation.

In our opinion, a perfect solution consists of three factors: extremely reliable hardware, a well-integrated professional installation and creative content causing maximal impact.

All set for a real-life First Impression? Visit our experience centre, let us serve and surprise you.

Applicable Products:
  • 10" - 27" I-series touchscreen computers
  • 32" - 70" Interactive Digital Signage
  • Open-frame touchscreen monitors
  • Touchscreen monitors