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  • Maria Pous
  • Phone: +34 931 814 477 / +34 699 497 311
  • Pere IV, 78-84, 6th floor, 3
  • 08005 Barcelona, Spain
  • Tag Encoding
  • Automatic Inventory & Tracking Systems
  • Interactive Retail Systems
  • Points of Sale
  • Loss Prevention Systems


Our product portfolio comprises RFID encoding systems (based on printers or encoding stations), RFID inventory systems (handheld readers, RFID robots, overhead systems, and smart shelves), RFID interactive systems (recommendation systems, interactive fitting rooms and smart mirrors), fast point of sale systems, and RFID loss prevention systems (overhead, floor mats and pedestals).

In the future, retail stores will be interactive spaces that make the customer experience more agile, pleasant, interactive and fun. Many retailers are either already implementing omnichannel sales or they’re in the process. RFID is a key enabler of interactive systems that enhance the customer experience and help increase sales, cross-selling and conversion rates.

Applicable Products:
  • Openframe Touch Screens
  • 2094L
  • 2794L
  • 4343L
  • Elo Backpack® with Android Open Source
  • Touch Screen Signage
  • 10-inch I-Series for Android with Android Open Source (2.0)
  • 15-inch I-Series for Android with Android Open Source (2.0)
  • 22-inch I-Series for Android with Android Open Source (2.0)